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Philly Soul-tress Masha-T Next up on the Tommy Brown Show

A Show where real is real!

A Show where real is real!



Philadelphia, PA — (SBWIRE) — 09/29/2015 — Philly Soultress Masha-T is all set to appear on the next Taping for Television on The Tommy Brown Show. Needless to say, with Masha-T around, the show is going to be an experience you soon will not forget. Masha-T’s management company, The Chain of Music Entertainment, LLC, will have $500.00 in free giveaways for the attending audience at the next taping of The Tommy Brown Show.

Masha-T was among the audience of the last taping of the Tommy Brown Show as a special guest of Tommy Brown himself. It would be a crime not to mention the magnetic presence Tommy Brown presented at The Tommy Brown Show. Tommy Brown was absolutely brilliant in the way he conducted the interviews with his guests Jamie Knight, Omillio Sparks and Simply Monica. His down to earth yet professional approach endeared the audience to him and engendered a lively quality to the whole show which was conspicuously engaging. Tommy Brown was careful not to steal the limelight from his guest stars at the Tommy Brown Show as he gave Jamie Knight, Omillio Sparks and Simply Monica their time and focused on the audience getting to know them more intensely on a personal level. The terrific superstar, James Knight rocked the Tommy Brown Show with his electrifying performance which was spellbinding and, oh boy did he dazzle the audience with his unbridled flow of energy!

Posted by Selina Polk on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


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