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About Us


“The Chain of Music Entertainment has been established since 2004 providing entertainment for any and all occasions. Our affliates have performed and hosted a myriad of weddings, parties, shows, and major events. In 2014, The Chain of Music Entertainment became a Limited Liability Company opening its doors to all artist, dancers, DJ, and entertainers who are looking for venues to expand their fan base through a network of venues and promotors.”

Organizational Structure



The Chain of Music Entertainment, LLC mission is to cultivate the highest possible level of product and services creating an atmosphere conducive to enhance peoples way of life for consumers. The Chain of Music Entertainment, LLC is dedicated to the creativity of youthful and adult minds as a tool to achieve a good quality of life through passionate, inspirational, and innovative contribution for every service and product under our umbrella.


The Chain of Music Entertainment, LLC vision is to become an international leading, most aggressive and progressive entertainment company. We will manufacture and distribute product and services pertaining to a myriad of music genre, fashion and other entertainment into the major market place. We will work hard and well with others diligently to perfection in all things that need to be accomplished.